Accord CD Ripper Free


Extract audio from audio CDs easily


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Accord CD Ripper Free is a lite application to extract audio from any CD as WAV or MP3.

Ripping CDs is very fast and can be done on the ly. It means it doesn't need any temporary file during the process, and that's good because you don'tneed extra space in disk and extra time.

Accord CD Ripper Free allows you to recover information from CDDB servers (Compact Disc Database). Then, edit it and save it. By this way you make sure youraudio files will be complete..

The interface is eye-catching and intuitive, what makes the task to be easier. Don't worry if it's the first time you are going torip CDs, you'll realise it's extremely easy.

Accord CD Ripper Free is a very useful application. Thanks to it you will be able to rip your AudioCDs and have your music in your computer as mp3 or wwav and share it with your friends or listen to your music on your PC and portable devices.
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